Wellness (Ayurveda)

Nurtured by nature and well chronicled in the ancient Indian texts, Vedas (Ayurveda), as oil of Kalpavriksha (Tree of life) Coconut Oil is a unique oil of natural origin, pleasant aroma and edible in raw form (steam rice with coconut oil and salt was widely used as a highly effective baby/infant formula in ancient years for immunity and health).

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Some of the various benefits of coconut oil highlighted as per Ayurveda are:

  • Coconut oil is saturated, stable and biodegradable
  • Coconut oil has high resistance to oxidative rancidity and hence widely used in food products with higher shelf life
  • Coconut oil is ideal for deep frying because of its effective heat transferring properties
  • Coconut oil gives softness and suppleness to skin on regular massaging and also provides germicidal and antimicrobial benefits
  • Coconut oil is an excellent base for hair oil and highly suitable for premium hair oil formulations
  • Coconut oil nourishes the hair roots, provides coolness to the body, protects skin from heat and hence mostly used hair oil in India
  • Coconut oil is an ideally preferred oil for the manufacture of bathing bars, toilet soaps, shaving cream, liquid soaps, natural shampoo and other cosmetics
  • Coconut oil has a rich content of lauric acid, the source of disease fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin which improves immunity
  • Coconut oil does not elevate blood total cholesterol, increases blood HDL cholesterol and decreases serum triglycerides

Ayurveda means "the science of life" (ayur means "life" and veda means "science" in Sanskrit). Ayurveda is a discipline of the upaveda or "auxiliary knowledge" in Vedic tradition. Ayurveda has its prime origin from Atharva-Veda and apart as a supplement of the Rig-Veda. Dhanvantari is worshipped as the God of Ayurveda. The aim of this system is to prevent illness¸ heal the sick and preserve life. The Ayurveda has its origins from the India and extended its wings in various parts of the world.

Ayurveda was taught in Gurukula system in ancient days, which is now been evolved in to under graduate & post graduate courses from Institutions.