The sun dried kernel of coconut; copra used for extraction is painstakingly handpicked by trained professionals at our own factory as perfect procurement of Copra is the first step in the creation of the perfect coconut oil. The selectively procured copra (dried coconut kernel) is then chopped to ideal size and then comes the highly acclaimed Vacuumed Cooking Process (VCP), which means three stages roasting of copra under vacuum to make it moisture free (low moisture content means longer life for the oil). The Vacuumed Cooking Process also brings out the exotic aroma, which is a characteristic of Sugandhi; our coconut oil and its distinct identity.

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The fully automated extraction system ensures zero contamination. Once the preciously procured copra enters our highly sophisticated system, we make it sure that the oil stays untouched by human hand, till it reaches you. Finally its micro filtered twice to ensure its purity. Pure, untouched and it is called Sugandhi Coconut Oil. Sugandhi coconut oil is 100% natural and pure free from any form of contamination as the entire manufacturing, filtering and packing is by a controlled natural process which involve no chemicals or refining.