Mustard Oil

Sarson ka tel’ or Mustard essential oil is a vital part of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian therapy where it is used for cleansing, stimulating and revitalizing the body. Besides all the controversies across the world, mustard oil is popular and extensively used in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and few other Western countries.

Surabhi Mustard Oil

Surabhi mustard oil is an Export Quality, with a distinct aroma and unique flavor available in different packaging from 50 ml to 15 litre in HDPE, PET, Pouches and Tin cans.

Mustard Oil has various health benefits as a stimulant, appetizer, antibacterial, antifungal, hair-revitalizer, anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Stimulant: Mustard oil is highly effective in stimulating circulation, digestion and excretion.

Appetizer: Mustard oil acts as an appetizer by irritating the inner lining of the stomach and intestines, stimulating digestive system and creating hunger.

Antibacterial: Mustard oil has antibacterial properties and when applied externally, it is effective in treating bacterial infections on the skin.

Antifungal: Due to the presence of Allyl Isothiocyanate, mustard oil serves as an antifungal agent not allowing fungal growth and also inhibiting the spread of infection.

Hair Revitalizer: With the stimulating effect and the presence of certain fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, mustard oil an efficient hair revitalizer nourishing the hair roots and preventing hair loss.

Anti-Rheumatic & Anti-Arthritic: Mustard oil provides relief for symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis when applied to the affected areas and it is proven since ancient times.