Coconut Oil

Sugandhi coconut oil is an Export Quality, Roasted Coconut Oil with an exotic aroma, excellent clarity and long shelf life available in a wide range of packaging from 50 ml to 15 litre in HDPE, PET, Pouches and Tin cans. Sugandhi Coconut Oil is the result of years of uncompromising pursuit for perfection.

Best Coconut oil for cooking in Kerala

We yield organically grown coconuts from the Malabar coast of Kerala; Gods own country, where the sun, the soil, the rain and the wind creates the best coconuts on earth. The sun dried kernel of coconut; copra used for extraction is painstakingly handpicked by trained professionals at our own factory as perfect procurement of Copra is the first step in the creation of the perfect coconut oil. The fully automated extraction system ensures zero contamination. Once the preciously procured copra enters our highly sophisticated system, we make it sure that the oil stays untouched by human hand, till it reaches you. Finally its micro filtered twice to ensure its purity. Pure, untouched and it is called Sugandhi Coconut Oil. Sugandhi coconut oil is 100% natural and pure free from any form of contamination as the entire manufacturing, filtering and packing is by a controlled natural process which involve no chemicals or refining.

Coconut oil finds extensive use in food, toiletry and industrial sectors because of its unique characteristics. The numerous qualities of coconut oil reported are:

  • Coconut Oil is of natural origin with pleasant aroma and it is edible in raw form
  • It is saturated, stable and biodegradable
  • It has high resistance to oxidative rancidity and hence widely in confectionery products with high shelf life
  • It is a highly skin friendly oil and used as a superior baby oil
  • It is ideal for deep frying because of its effective heat transferring properties.
  • It is trans-fat free and hence an ideal confectionery fat
  • It provides a moisture barrier and imparts high gloss for bakery items in spray oil use
  • Due to its high glycerin content, it is the oldest and most widely used cosmetic raw material.
  • It’s a good moisturizer, imparts hardness with high lathering properties and hence highly suitable for use in bathing soap production
  • It gives softness and suppleness to skin on regular massaging and also provides germicidal and antimicrobial benefits
  • It is an excellent base for hair oil and highly suitable for premium hair oil formulations
  • It nourishes the hair roots, provides coolness to the body, protects skin from heat and hence mostly used hair oil in India.
  • It is an ideally preferred oil for the manufacture of bathing bars, toilet soaps, shaving cream, liquid soaps, natural shampoo and other cosmetics
  • It has lowest harmful effects on reheating and hence the most preferred oil for deep frying
  • It contains natural Vitamin E and does not contain cholesterol
  • It is composed mainly of short and Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which have desirable qualities and functions including reduced fat accumulation in the body as compared to other cooking oils
  • It helps maintain healthy ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids when consumed as a part of diet which makes it heart healthy
  • It has a rich content of lauric acid, the source of disease fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin which improves immunity
  • It does not elevate blood total cholesterol, increases blood HDL cholesterol and decreases serum triglycerides.
  • Coconut oil is very good for diabetics as it improves the secretion of insulin thus controlling blood sugar, helps in effective utilization of blood glucose as compared to other cooking oils