Extra virgin coconut oil, also known as EVCO, has been gaining popularity as a superfood and a must-have for beauty and skincare regimens. This cold-pressed oil is centrifugally extracted from the fresh milk of mature coconuts and is considered the purest form of coconut oil. It is extracted without the use of chemicals or heat by the authentic cold-process, which preserves its natural micronutrients and antioxidants.

Benefits of extra virgin coconut oil

Nourishment to brain: EVCO CONTAIN MCT OF 64% which helps nourish the brain by enhancing its cognitive functions, stimulate healing and repair and providing energy to brain VCO reverses or stalls neuro degenerative diseases during early stages.


●      Facilitates weight loss: The MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) or MCT in extra virgin coconut oil, unlike other fats, does not circulate in the blood and is immediately converted into energy resulting in less fat storage in the body. Since extra virgin coconut oil has calories to burn, it is recommended that the oil be incorporated into a daily healthy diet with exercise, which can result in maximum weight loss benefits.

●      Yeast and Candida Infections; Dandruff: Candida or candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yellow yeast. The capric acid and caprylic acid present in extra virgin coconut oil work wonders in treating Candida Albicans and other yeast infections. The caprylic acid in the oil is known for targeting the harmful bacteria in the body and removing them completely.

●      Diabetes resistance: When the insulin levels are excessive in the body due to excess secretion of insulin by the pancreas, the cells may develop insulin resistance, causing Type 2 Diabetes. Extra virgin coconut oil enhances insulin secretion naturally in the body, leading to control in blood sugar levels as the MCFAs present in the oil helps reduce strain on the pancreas by giving them energy.

●      Cholesterol and Heart diseases: Extra virgin coconut oil has high amounts of lauric acid that initiates the reduction of bad cholesterol and facilitates the production of good cholesterol in the body. With a proper exercise routine and extra virgin coconut oil into the daily diet, you can maintain healthy cholesterol levels and keep heart diseases at bay.

●      Babies skin Protection: EVCO being 100% pure is highly absorbent and when applied naturally protects the babies ‘skin from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

●      Oil Pulling: EVCO Oil pulling technique IS AN ancient Ayurvedic PRACTICE which detox the body, HELPS Cures tooth decay, kills bad breath, heals bleeding gums AND Whitens teeth

●      Hair care: EVCO has low molecular weight helping to penetrate and keep the hair roots healthy, clean, prevents hair loss and dandruff, the secret reason for the thick, long and shiny hair of women in Coconut growing regions

Usage of Extra virgin coconut oil

Regarding skin and hair care, EVCO is a versatile oil that can be used in various ways.

EVCO  is consumed worldwide directly in the raw form for enhancing natural immunity, providing nourishment to brain,supporting weight loss, helping in total cholesterol reduction, as a suitable oil for diabetic people and as a pulling oil.

  • It can be used as a moisturizer to hydrate and nourish the skin, and it can also be used to treat dry, flaky skin and eczema. Its antibacterial properties make it an ideal choice for treating acne-prone skin. 
  • EVCO can also be used as a hair conditioner to nourish and protect the hair, helping to prevent split ends and breakage.
  • One of the most popular uses of EVCO is as a makeup remover. It is gentle on the skin and effectively removes makeup and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It can also be used as a facial cleanser, which will help to remove impurities and leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Why Arikkat’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

Arikkat’s extra virgin coconut oil is pure and natural, made through the traditional method of centrifugal extraction from fresh coconut milk. This process preserves all of the micro-nutrients and makes it equivalent to the mother’s milk, making it suitable for babies. Thus making it a ‘superfood.’ The oil has a long history of use for cooking and for its ability to combat infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi due to its anti-bacterial,anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

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